One of the things that have influenced people to believe in the Landmark Forum Cult issue is the fear of uncertain or unfamiliar things. It is true that not all who want to enroll to the Landmark Forum during those times can do so. The fee of $500 is simply too much for them to shell out. This is why a lot of those who initially want to be a part of the Forum just got contended reading about what others have to say about it. The Landmark Education Cult issue then has no difficulty of taking over their better judgment. The good thing is that this issue is all over now and people are just looking on ahead for the benefits and possibilities it might offer.

The first thing that interested people would commonly ask is all about how the Landmark system works. To have a basic idea about this, consider the following:

It is not a therapy, seminar, or lecture but a rewarding series of accelerated learning experiences conducted over a period of 3 days. Each session takes only 2 to 3 hours.

It is not conducted to treat mental illnesses or other related issues and conditions.

There will be a guided dialogue between the participants and the facilitator. Expect to share some personal life experiences.

Generally, all people from all walks of life are welcome to enroll to the Landmark Forum. However, there is an age requirement. Minors are of course not allowed here. The good news is that over the years of the operation of Landmark Education, there were some programs that were conceptualized. Some of these include those that are intended for teens and even kids. Here are some examples of these programs or courses:

For ages 8 to 12 – The Landmark Forum for Young People

For ages 13 and above – The Landmark Forum for Teens

There are still plenty of good things about the programs that Landmark Education has to offer at the current times. Those who are interested to get signed up for these should explore first the websites that give information about them. One thing would be very apparent though. There is a prerequisite program or course that should be taken first by those who want to take up the advanced courses. This is the Landmark Forum. Yes, the courses are totally connected to each other. However, the advanced courses are designed to cater to the individual or specific needs of individuals.

A lot of testimonial websites and blogs could be found all over the internet today. There are some that contain purely video testimonials and a few are presented in an investigatory format. By going through these sites, it would be clear that the Landmark Education is clearly doing its job of making positive changes on the lives of people happen. The future that Landmark Education will have to face is very certain and this shows on how much development they have undergone through all these years. The people behind it as well as those that they have served will continue making a difference in this world!